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It used to be that trans porn was a lot less popular and in a lot poorer quality. It has been awesome to see it change over the last few years. Most sites seem to offer HD at the very least, and many even offer Full HD. Trans 500 is even better than that. They are now making updates that come in up to 4K Ultra HD and the videos look fantastic!

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Transitioning is a topic many of us are familiar with. It’s often a gradual process with its various stages. I’m not trans myself, but I’m fascinated by shemale porn. And by “fascinated” I mean I jerk off to it all the time. And by “all the time” I mean I’m doing it right now. It’s hard to find a time I’m not touching myself because of those hotties.

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Not everyone is going to get to experience the pleasure of a shemale first hand. For a lot of people, the fantasy will never go any further than what they can watch in porn. Fortunately, the porn industry is always on the cutting edge of technology and working out ways to make your viewing the most like a real experience. Virtual reality porn has burst onto the scene and appears to be growing and improving all the time.

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