Never Judge a Book by its Cover

I feel that this popular saying really comes into its own when applied to transsexuals and from what I’ve heard, this should be at the top of your list of considerations particularly when you’re vetting a chick at a bar in Thailand. It might just turn out that she’s a handful.

This pic though: Where do you find a dentist that runs a special on braces specifically for trannies? Even more so, judging by the woman with the cock up the other one’s twat… how do you get punched in the eye by a rainbow…twice?

By the way, and this is nothing official, it’s just something I’ve noticed in the time I’ve worked in the porn game. One of the strongest tells of a women that is or was actually a man is the hands.

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All Kinds of Wrong

As someone who dabbles a bit in the porn industry on the side I am quite confident that I have less inhibitions than the average person to the point where I am concerned at times that I have become too desensitised to sex and its genres and niches.

And then something like this comes along and disturbs me to my core. And at this point in time I can hear the sirens going off as panties get knotted in a bunch in a frenzy of insecurities.

Basically, I don’t give a fuck, sue me. In fact, since you are equipped, you can probably Sue and Paul me. Look at what’s left of the cock on this individual. Would I be correct to assume that it is the effects of the estrogen boosters. Is that dick dying?

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Hung Like a Donkey, Tits of an Angel

Have that right in your face!

If that pic makes you feel homophobic then it’s likely because it caught you unawares that your curiosity was sparked.

Most of the hardcore porn has dicks in them anyways and tits too and you have no problem knocking one out to those.

But now the same individual is sporting a cock of the size you wish you had and a better set of tits that your wife or girlfriend and it’s a sensory overload and a reflex kick into denial.

Ladies, that shemale will fuck you so good and with the extra estrogen she knows exactly how to.

Guys, she will suck your cock better than most women ever since she has enough testosterone to know exactly how you’d like it.

And then we have the people who already enjoy the genre.

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